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Isabel Beachwear is a brand that combines a womanly touch with a sophisticated design.

The maison remains loyal to the philosophy of traditional Italian tailors by exclusively creating handcrafted items of clothing.

Comfortable and shiny silk-touch spandex fabrics play the main role. Seamless cuts allow to appreciate a perfect female silhouette.

Each product is made with a “Magic Fit”, a detail that won’t let our swimsuits leave marks on your body, avoiding the effect of the elastic band on the skin.


Flavia Isabella, an entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for haute couture, is the founder and designer of Isabel Beachwear.

A master’s degree in Business Administration and Management led Flavia to begin her journey in the bridal world, as a bridal consultant. It’s being in close contact with brides and the wedding industry that inspired the idea of a bridal swimsuit collection.

An innovative concept, ideated to meet the needs of brides-to-be – from the beach party all the way to the honeymoon – and of classy, sophisticated women.
Isabel B. counts a non-bridal line as well, which is inspired by the love of the sea and is meant to meet the needs of every woman, following a minimal design, which is elegant and unique at the same time.

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The collection consists of three swimwear designs:
romantic, boho chic and modern; each comes in different shades of color and features.

The one-piece is present in every IsabelB’s collection: Ideal for a boat trip and some well deserved relax on the beach during the day, this icon has a versatile identity that makes it the ideal piece used as a fancy top for your glamorous nights, to be worn with shorts, your favourite miniskirt or palazzo pants!

Isabel B.’s romantic tulle design consists of natural and tenuous colors, varying from ivory white to skin nude, with black and white pieces as a chic and sharp addition. Every single piece is made with the finest quality, a meticulous care for fabrics and ruffles, both Italian and French. The ruffles of tulle plissé are the distinguishing characteristic of this line: colorful, lightweight, breathable and easy to dry.

Isabel B’s boho chic design is inspired by gipsy souls, with trendy colors: green, peachy pink, light blue, lilac and dove grey with pompon & fringes, to create a perfect colorway.

Isabel B’s modern design is a minimal line made of laminated fabric that creates a shiny effect and enhances feminine shapes. Every item fits as a second skin, thanks to the silk touch effect of the fabric, flattering the figure and avoiding the cushion effect on the skin.

Colors range from rubidium, cobalt blue and lime green, each one mixed with iron grey. The new bandeau top is a timeless piece that every woman will want as a wardrobe staple! 

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